Liberty & Property


"Every man has a property in his own person. This nobody has a right to, but himself."
~ John Locke (English philosopher, 1632-1704)


You may be wondering, what are The Liberty & Property Legends? Luke Taylor explains their origins in his journal and what they mean for him...

"I am a man with a significant heritage.

"My great great grandfather Matthew, left England to begin a new and free life in the Colonies, and fought in the War of Independence against Great Britain under the catchcry of Liberty and Property!

"Great grandfather Daniel was a renowned frontiersman of his day. Grandfather James was a successful rancher.

"My father Morgan migrated to Texas and set up a ranch, raised cattle, fought in the War for Southern Independence, and then became one of the first ranchers ever to undertake the legendary long cattle drives from Texas to Missouri.

"How do I live up to that? Find my own path..."




"How does Luke, a young man living and working as a rancher in 1880's Wyoming, get to be connected to the birth of his nation?  Luke carries it with him every day in his belief in liberty and property. What Luke is able to do is take 'liberty & property' beyond that revolutionary context and apply it to whatever situation he happens to be in. And of course he and his friends and family live very adventurous lives."

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