tinged with rose


FIRST COUNTRY Tinged with Rose

'Spritely and engrossing saga... ample conflict, a captivating historical context and an enduring sensation of romance...'

PS News Book Review by Rama Gaind (April 2014)

Volume three of the six-part Liberty & Property Legends series, the latest novel begins where book two Empire of Liberty: Dangerous Lullaby left off. In the risky business of procuring justice and searching for truth, First Country becomes an unforeseen adventure in how and what it means to be - and become - family.

Deceit, love, lust and murder provide stimulating scenarios instead of spelling the endpoint of relationships for Sedmak, who thrives on expanding on this sprightly and engrossing saga.

Having always loved westerns where horses and cowboys have had a strong appeal, it's only fitting that she found "so many interesting characters and they all had these wonderful back stories".

You'll be painlessly transported back to the 19th century to the Gilded Age of the American West, a time following the Civil War. Sedmak's characters live in, and deal with this time, all the while being at the mercy of some not-so-nice capitalists.

Set in Wyoming and the west, the great struggle is on between the modifications, entrepreneurship and the frontier's liberty. As the hunt for Loren Bodecker gets underway, the March winter of 1885 sees intensifying tensions, rebel attacks, with relationships that strengthen … only to confuse the lives of all those involved and the track for justice.

The Victorian age contains a sense of the struggle to do better. What follows is ample conflict, a captivating historical context and an enduring sensation of romance that this era holds in people's hearts.




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