Hummed... A musical journal

'Those who wish to sing... always find a song' ~ Swedish Proverb





I told you to run so we'd both be free...


KEITH URBAN ~ Tonight I Wanna Cry
When you read volume four you'll know why!

PHIL DAVIDSON ~ Long Way from Home (This Christmas) 
When you arrive, click on the picture of Phil and you're away. A beautiful song. And so well-performed live.



BE THOU MY VISION ~ Traditional Celtic Hymn
 ~  Eden's Bridge (music & lyrics)
 ~  Nancy Webb (violin and harp)
I love this old hymn. If you are looking for a peaceful moment, you may find it listening to one of these. I know I do!


JEWEL ~ Hands
In the end only kindness matters...


THE COMMON LINNETS ~ Calm After the Storm
The Netherlands bringing it Country to Eurovision. I adore this song which placed first in the first in the first semi-final and second in the grand final at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.


Diamonds & Rust ~ This song is perfection... there are no more words.
The Lily of The West ~ Wow, is this classic tune Joan has fire in those guitar-playing fingers and a folk voice for the angels!
House of the Rising Sun ~ Now that's a set of pipes, and a spine tingling rendition of this well-known song.
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down ~ emotions regarding this song are mixed I've noticed and I guess it's not suprising; I just think it's a great hum!




THE BEGGARS ~ The Whale  (Fielding & Dyer) 
A folk classic in celebration of the cessation of 'scientific whaling' in the Southern Ocean, and dedicated to all those who fought so hard over many years fraught with danger and difficulty to achieve this victory for our magnificient whales and the planet we all share.


COLBIE CAILLAT ~ Fallin' For You
~ I think there's definitely some of this going on in HEARTLAND !


DIXIE CHICKS ~ Cowboy Take Me Away


DIXIE CHICKS ~ Landslide
As you know from last week's hum, I'm planning a holiday and part of that is a road trip. Now, in our car, a road trip is not a road trip without inserting Landslide by The Dixie Chicks into the CD player, the radio release and the accoustic version. There used to be much grumbling and carry on until over time I ground them down. It helped that all their favourites were queued up ready to go as soon as the last note of that beautiful haunting melody had satisfied my whole being and we could move on. And I have no trouble indulging in my Landslide obsession at any other time or in any other place either. And because I love a flip side, this just gives me goosebumps... Not Ready to Make Nice



LOREEN ~ Euphoria
If you've not been introduced to the Eurovision Song Contest, here's your chance. In 2012 Sweden won Eurovision with this fantastic song sung by Loreen. I love this song (although it's not my favourite from Eurovision). Now why would I be humming this? Tank and I are planning our June holiday in Stockholm, Sweden, (first time for me and I'm so excited), and what better tune than this... okay, I admit I have been humming some (a lot) of ABBA as well. How can I not? Did you know that ABBA won Eurovision in 1974 with Waterloo? Start with their Greatest Hits then? Or maybe Fernando? This was my dad's favourite, so I think of him with this one; it resided at number one on the Australian charts for 14 weeks back in 1976.
And to top off the Eurovision story, we are also planning a side trip across the wondrous Oresund Bridge to Copenhagen, and you guessed it, Denmark won 2013 Eurovision with this catchy tune... Only Teardrops sung by Emmelie de Forest.

Ah, those Scandavians...



This is such a beautiful song. I'm a big fan of Lady Antebellum and a reader mentioned to me not long ago that she enjoyed listening to them while reading my books. Funny, I'd been thinking something similar myself! They do go very well together. And I like to think about Cliff and Emmaline when listening to Golden... 'The day you strolled in, my heart was stollen...' ~ gorgeous and just bit heart-melting.


NEIL FINN - Song of the Lonely Mountain  - The Hobbit - 'An Unexpected Journey' (I'm still humming this one - LOVE IT!)
ED SHEERAN - I See Fire - The Hobbit - 'The Desolation of Smaug'
Surely not to be wondered at since I've been reading The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien! 


JAMES BLUNT- Bonfire Heart

Love this song, love the music video (this has got to be Wyoming!).


It was a sing-a-long with me and my puppy. You can still join in... words are here (Poetry & Song)... 'for the fiery and the snuffy are rarin' to go...' 


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