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Volume Five

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A Place Among Heroes, Book 2

'...we will not be slaves.'


With anarchists on the march, bloody riots erupt at McCormick Reaper Works and Haymarket Square with tragic consequences. The aftermath claws at the very fabric of democracy as the city panics. Taking sides is not an option.

Yet despite his particular involvement, Ashcliff Ryan is determined that his newspaper, The Globe, will not surrender the truth for the sake of either side of the conflict. But all of it will take a back seat to the arrival of a significant figure from his Cheyenne days, bringing with them a life-changing revelation.

For ambitious freelance journalist Emmaline Roberts, the chance to work as a reporter for a big city newspaper is too good to resist. But is this where she truly belongs? The events that follow shape a deeply personal adventure.

As each negotiates the unyielding crossroads of their lives, the only signposts left standing are truth and forgiveness.

A PLACE AMONG HEROES Return of Hope is Book 2 in the fifth volume of The Liberty & Property Legends saga, beginning where Book 1 Rise of Hope left off. Finding the strength inside yourself to be the hero of your own life just might be the most courageous thing you've ever done.


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