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On the Side of Angels

Liberty & Property



Volume One


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Wyoming Territory, 1883...


Adventure and romance will not be denied anyone who has the courage to be free!

Twenty-year-old Kelley Keaton returns home after five years in New York to discover home is not the place it used to be. Her brother is behaving mysteriously. Her childhood nemesis, Luke Taylor, is now connected to her by a controlling organization their families created and call the Alliance. And their neighbor has turned being a nuisance and a bully into something far more sinister and menacing.

When one of their own is cold-bloodedly murdered, the Alliance sets out to get justice. Who is responsible? How can they prove their suspicions? How do they cope with conflict over strategy, unexpected romance and unrequited love, the demands of loyalty, and with loss and sacrifice?

For Luke, restless and unsure of where his life is headed, Liberty & Property will no longer simply be his much-treasured family history; he will find the essence of his heritage come alive within him and set him on the path of his destiny.

In this warm and spirited novel about discerning loyalty, love and freedom in the most trying circumstances, we are taken to a world that has long since passed into legend but at whose heart throbs a timeless pulse. The Liberty & Property Legends have a bold, adventuresome and romantic story to tell, beginning with HEARTLAND On the Side of Angels.      


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