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I See Travel in Your Future

a note upon departure

Tank and I have been running here and there in preparation for our much anticipated holiday to Vancouver and Stockholm. Living a mostly interior life,  with my characters doing most of life's heavy lifting, for me a long haul across the Pacific can be a bit daunting.  So it's a good thing that the need to see precious far-flung family and the desire for adventure are factors so insistent. The travel part inspires and invigorates creativity, the holiday part rejuvenates and refreshes after months of routine and self-discipline. 

So before I zip up my luggage - making sure that my dog who keeps sitting in my bag or depositing her ball in it are not inside - I thought I'd scribble  farewell Australia, Canada here we come! See you on the other side of the pond... Oh, before I go, a pic of my books at BEA14... and a big thank you to the team at Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA).



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