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Inside the Saga: They Be Gorgeously Gowned

Pinterest Profile: Ladies of the Legends Style

This month on my Pinterest boards I'm featuring a long term and somewhat favourite project of mine, which I am delighted to reveal at last, a board called They Be Gorgeously Gowned

Picturing what the women of The Liberty & Property Legends wear from day to day is quite the luxurious daydream. 

Honestly, though, when it comes to writing, to describe every gown, outfit, shoe and hat would become tiresome to read and slow the pace.

As an author, I only describe clothing when I feel it is necessary to character and plot development (or if I think you should know). It also assists in setting time and place.

So this Pinterest board is my way of revelling in those western, gilded age, romantic fashions. And, as well, the aim is to make the images pertain as closely as possible to the books. There is so much glorious detail in fashions of this era, if you like that sort of thing. We can study them and be delighted or amazed, and then let our imaginations do the rest.

To quote the description from my board:

      'From Jennifer's easy get-around-town grace and elegance, Emmaline's stylish but practical work attire, Tressa and Caroline's sartorial refinement, Meg's Bostonian stylings, Raina's gorgeous gilded age glamour, Edith's Manhattan melodrama and Denver's demimonde, to practical ranch wear for Kelley, Amy and Sara, as well as fabulous accessories ~ whatever it is the Legends' ladies get up to, from frontier to city street, I imagine how all be gorgeously gowned...'

I hope you enjoy this board as much as I do! And look out soon for my newest board that will coincide with the release of Volume Four of the grand saga of The West and Gilded Age, which after many months and a long road is coming very, very soon. 


Please enjoy They Be Gorgeously Gowned on Pinterest!

And I would love to hear your thoughts... drop me a line or share them on Facebook or Pinterest.


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