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Will You Be Me At BEA?

Ups and Downs at BookExpo America

Snap a pic of you with any or all of my books, email it to me and I will send you a free epub of HEARTLAND On the Side of Angels and EMPIRE FOR LIBERTY Dangerous Lullaby. Pretty awesome, eh? And with your permission I would love to post your BEA pic here on my website or on my facebook page. So will you be me at BEA?

BookExpo America is billed as the largest book industry convention in North America. Tank and I dipped our pond-sized toes into its oceanic waters in 2012. After several days of mixed emotions about the whole thing, and our minnow-sized place in it, we decided that one day we should return and do it better now we understood how Americans actually run things.


For example, 'education' doesn't mean that this section of the convention is for teachers, educational professionals, librarians, educational publications and that whole genre of the bookworld, nope, that's American for information sessions and conferences that people, authors, editors and anyone in publishing can attend to learn about the latest developments in the industry. Who knew? Consequently, we missed out on a bit. But now we're better educated.

But we did good, too, as we discovered Radius, the company of talented techos who power this website, and WaveCloud eBookstore, where all Tank & Ferry Entertainment epubs are available. Tank got himself a super duper massage from a guy with some powerful elbows. And we ran into great people doing impressive things in the world of books... first time authors, book bloggers, celebrities, all sorts. And of course we were in New York.

This year brings a different opportunity for us at BEA. Not quite as exciting as being in NYC, since we cannot attend, but pretty good all the same. Because we are a member of Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) we are able to display my books at BEA in IBPA's booth. So earlier in the year Tank and I packed off a copy each of HEARTLAND, EMPIRE and FIRST COUNTRY to IBPA as well as some postcards we designed and had printed in the US.


If you are fortunate enough to be in New York and attend BEA please drop by the IBPA booth no. 2352 and check out the display. Don't forget to pick up one of my postcards while you're there. Or have a go at WILL YOU BE ME AT BEA? and win yourself two fabulous free epubs.

PS: Tank & I will be on holiday in June, but I will be keeping track of all emails, snaps and winners. Can't wait to see them!


Tank & Ferry at BookExpo America 2012 (having lined up for coffee
more times than we care to admit)


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