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Happy New Year 2023 desk & coffee.jpg
When I look at this image, apart from the desire to fill the page with amazing plans (and it is stationery after all), I think: coffee, tick! notebook and pen, tick! glasses, tick! plant, if only, no room! (Maybe that's what the checked boxes are for, not your plans! - I still like it though.)
Happy New Year 2023 colourful.jpg
January has gone by in a flash! Have you ticked the boxes on what plans you'd like to see planned for the year ahead? Are you a goal-setter, or are you a wait and see what happens next sort of planner? Do you have your vision for 2023 sorted, or are you still sorting it out? Is it a chore, or are you filled with wondrous excitement at future prospects? Perhaps you are somewhere in between? Whatever 2023 means to you, how ever it looks on your horizon, whatever state your boxes are in, whether or not you have room for a plant on your desk, may you be blessed with good health and happy times, contentment, opportunity, and love. And let there be peace on earth.

Past pennings are on my blog here.
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Book 2 money shot.jpg

The grand saga continues...

Capture butterfly colour.JPG
The Liberty & Property Legends Volume Five – A PLACE AMONG HEROES, Book 1: Rise of Hope & Book 2: Return of Hope… the third book in this ‘Hope Trilogy’ is in the works. I hope to have it finished in the not too distant future :) 

The grand saga in focus...

Volume Two: EMPIRE FOR LIBERTY Dangerous Lullaby

Wyoming winter, 1885: a world in the grip of snow and bitter cold where a shadow grows unchecked, until a spark of destiny ignites a passionate defense against the oncoming darkness…

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