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These are difficult days, and in my sadness for what has happened to the world I'm often led to think of this quote from Tolkien's The  Fellowship of the Ring...

For their part, scientists decided to give us vaccines.
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The grand saga continues...

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The Liberty & Property Legends Volume Five – A PLACE AMONG HEROES, Book 1: Rise of Hope & Book 2: Return of Hope… the third book in this ‘Hope Trilogy’ is in the works. I hope to have it finished in the not too distant future :) 
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When it's looking pretty quiet up here then you know I'm usually writing chapters! Currently, these are for Book 3 of Volume 5. Past pennings are on my blog here.
But before I dive back into the covid-free world of 1886, I want to give a shout out to those brilliant scientists who developed the Covid-19 vaccines. THANK YOU. 
There is a resistance movement to the jab. Sure, okay. But imagine if this were an ebola pandemic (there was a frightening outbreak a few years ago you may recall); the rush for the vaccine would be so huge there'd be a black market for it. Slight exaggeration? Maybe not. Ebola is a terrible, hideous disease, a killer like Covid-19. But doctors successfully control ebola outbreaks now days with vaccines, just as we are attempting to do now with SARS-Cov-2, aka Covid-19.

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The grand saga in focus...

Volume Two: EMPIRE FOR LIBERTY Dangerous Lullaby

Wyoming winter, 1885: a world in the grip of snow and bitter cold where a shadow grows unchecked, until a spark of destiny ignites a passionate defense against the oncoming darkness…

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