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Volume Three
FIRST COUNTRY Tinged with Rose


'I have a tale to tell... a tale that throws a softer light, more 

tinged with rose than your grim apparition cast upon the

darkness of the past.'  ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The grand adventure of The West & Gilded Age continues...

As winter maintains its grip in March of 1885, the hunt for Loren Bodecker is on! In the aftermath of the maverick attacks, with tensions escalating, relationships begin to deepen, complicating the path of justice and the lives of all involved.

Marshal Dan Hummer deputizes Sheriff Cliff Ryan into the US Marshals. Accompanied by Ben Taylor, they set off to the Mile High City in search of Bodecker and find themselves caught up in the city's gilded elite and notorious demimonde. Ben's passionate encounter with the beautiful and enigmatic Raina Montgomery will be a revelation.


And in Cheyenne, for Luke and for Emmaline, the arrival of two utterly unexpected visitors changes everything - forever.


This third volume in The Liberty & Property Legends saga begins where volume two EMPIRE FOR LIBERTY Dangerous Lullaby left off. In the risky business of procuring justice and searching for truth, FIRST COUNTRY becomes an unforeseen adventure in how and what it means to be - and become - family.


'Your kin, Luke, this is your country. You are born to them, not to a land, for lands can be left. There are many paths to take you forth, many gates for you to open and shut, before you understand this and be content. To be truly free you must unlock your heart.'

~ Red Sky

Tinged with Rose

Paperback and eBook 
RRP $25.95 and $5.99

FIRST COUNTRY Tinged with Rose  

may be purchased online at any of the following locations or other online

booksellers worldwide.

Distribution: Contact VIVID Publishing
Distributor/wholesaler: Ingram


I don't think I could find better pins than these to capture the mood of the romance and the menace in FIRST COUNTRY. The era is well portrayed also: The Gilded Age West. I'd love to know what you think.



FIRST COUNTRY Testimonials

'FIRST COUNTRY picks up where EMPIRE FOR LIBERTY left off and it’s like seeing old friends again. Luke, Emmaline, Cliff and Jennifer, and my favourite, Marshal Dan Hummer, are all there to greet you and let you into their lives again. There are also a couple of new characters that the reader is introduced to and before long you feel like you’ve known them forever, too. In this latest addition to the saga, Terri Sedmak flicks the switch to romance, but the story is underpinned by a sense of foreboding as Hummer and Ryan set out to round up the bad dudes.Terri Sedmak’s writing style sucks you back into the 19th century so effortlessly… this is storytelling it its finest.'  

Gavin D'Souza

'Cheyenne is alive with the romance of the West... be prepared for an insatiable need to keep on reading!' VANCOUVERgirl 

'FIRST COUNTRY is heart-warming, heart-breaking, and a fantastic follow up to EMPIRE FOR LIBERTY that leaves you longing for more.’ Eve Foster

'The story continues to have everything and more. Murder, mayhem, intrigue, suspense, love, laughter, tears and happiness. The female characters are women I aspire to be like even in this day and age. The book is a joy - the entire series is a joy.' Eve Hellingman

'You'll be painlessly transported back to the 19th century to the Gilded Age of the American West... an engrossing saga... ample conflict, a captivating historical context and an enduring sensation of romance that this era holds in people's hearts.' PS News

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