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Volume Two
EMPIRE FOR LIBERTY Dangerous Lullaby


Lives taken, justice sought. Love won and love lost. Friendships forged and families fractured. As terror grows, heroes rise... their darkest hour is coming.

Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory, 1885.

The stain of Ed Parsons’ ignominy has begun to spread. There are rumors that territorial prosecutor Cam Faraday and Laramie County sheriff Cliff Ryan have collaborated to cover up evidence in Cheyenne’s most controversial murder.


Editor of The Tribune, Charlie Quaid, has hired ambitious journalist Emmaline Roberts to investigate, but there is peril on the streets of Cheyenne for the young reporter, and she needs the skill and dedication of Sheriff Cliff Ryan to keep her safe.

In San Francisco, Luke’s reunion with the woman he loves has not gone to plan; he returns to Cheyenne to face what might have been, only to be devastated by what he discovers. And the Alliance confronts its darkest hour as its enemies unleash their ultimate weapon.

EMPIRE FOR LIBERTY is the second volume in The Liberty & Property Legends series, and begins where HEARTLAND On the Side of Angels left off. In this fast-paced, character-rich sequel, warmed by romance and humor, we witness the best and the worst of humanity. We can be left in no doubt that we are now deep in the heart of The Liberty & Property Legends, and there is no going back.



Dangerous Lullaby

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RRP $25.95 or eBook $5.99

EMPIRE FOR LIBERTY Dangerous Lullaby may be purchased online as ebook or paperback at any of the following locations or other online bookstores worldwide.

Distribution: Contact VIVID Publishing

Distributor/wholesaler: Ingram





'As someone who usually prefers non-fiction over fiction, I found Empire for Liberty a gobsmackingly good read. The way that Terri Sedmak writes actually had me reminding myself that these characters are fictional and I am really living in the 21st century such was the extent of my emotional engagement with the story. Terri’s writing sucks you in in such a way that you don’t even realize how deeply you care for the characters until something happens to one of them. I found the experience and journey quite extraordinary and I can’t wait to go through that emotional roller-coaster again with Terri’s next installment in this series!'  Gavin 

'Fantastic reviews and so very well deserved. I absolutely loved this book and want you to write the next 4 all at once because I'm selfish and impatient :) For anyone who hasn't read these books, you absolutely must. Terri you are truly an incredible story teller :)'   Jane

'What I love about Empire for Liberty is the fast pace and the action. Then there’s the characters! Cliff is just one big sigh and I love Emmaline’s feistiness. The romance is perfect. I can read this book over and over. It won’t be collecting dust on my bookshelf, that’s for sure.' Barbara 

'Finished Vol 2 last nite... Excellent reading Terri and thank you!Keith

'I can honestly say that Empire is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I couldn’t put it down. I loved the introduction of new characters, especially Emmaline (In my mind I wanted to be her!). The story line had me totally gripped and your writing skills are amazing Terri, I felt like I was living the story myself. I did not want the book to end and am now eagerly awaiting the next installment!'  Anne

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