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A scrapbook of bits n'pieces in the media collected over the time I've been writing The Liberty & Property Legends...

The ad for Women Writing the West Catalog of Author's Books was gorgeous, I think.

If you're looking for reviews, head to BOOKS, click on a book cover, land on the page and fossick around... a link to reviews might be there somewhere, or quoted reviews as well, at the bottom amongst the all the other cool stuff on that page.

Women Writing the West TS_Advt_4.75x3.62

A proud moment when you feature in your local paper :)

Manly Daily Story_2.PNG

Pretty fun to listen to, even if I do say so myself! Deborah Evans is lovely 


My first interview with Brooke Hunter from There's some good info about the saga but it is wordy so I shortened it. You get the idea. When you're starting out with a big project you tend to have a lot to say.


Bryce Courtenay! Yasss! I really like my Brooke Hunter interviews for  :D

IBPA Spring Catalog pic.jpg
20210303_172101 (2).jpg

A PLACE AMONG HEROES, Book 2: Return of Hope busy taking spaces in the fall/winter and spring catalogs of IBPA's indie titles (for your consideration). 

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