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The Liberty & Property Legends, Volume Five 
A PLACE AMONG HEROES, Book 2:  Return of Hope

Many thanks to Gavin D'Souza, an avid reader of The Legends Saga, for this terrific review.

‘Terri Sedmak’s A PLACE AMONG HEROES, Book 2: Return of Hope advances the amazing historical saga that is The Liberty & Property Legends. Anyone thinking that life was simple in the good old days of the 19th century only has to read the author’s latest addition of the saga.  A Place Among Heroes Book 2 is set in Chicago 1886, which is a time and place that eerily reflects the current upheavals, challenge to democracy and subsequent divide in American society as a result of money, power and greed residing in the hands of a few unprincipled and unethical men. It is the Gilded Age after all.

     The setting for a couple of our heroes may have changed and be new to readers of the saga, but the author has that knack of just picking up where you left them, even though you’re meeting them in a totally different town. I really enjoyed how the story has followed Cliff’s return to his roots, how his role has changed, but his fight for truth and justice continues on abated. I was also excited to meet up with Emmaline again. The Chicago environment of 1886 doesn’t seem to overwhelm her, but issues of the heart are a different matter altogether. The reader is taken on a roller coaster ride as she navigates through her emotions and her family whilst responding to challenges and physical dangers surrounding her.

     As with all her previous books in this saga, Terri Sedmak has created another page turner. There’s drama, suspense, action and romance a plenty. And true to her story telling style, she leaves you wanting more. A 5 star production. I cannot wait for Book 3 in this fifth volume to be published.’   Gavin D’Souza

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